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Rated in “the top 25 C-Suite Speakers to watch,” by Meetings & Conventions USA, Kieran is an expert in strategic change who speaks on: How to make positive change while making the change itself positive.

Kieran Flanagan is one half of the strategic & creative team behind the most successful new product launch in Australian history. 

She has worked with the UN in Singapore, developing strategies to fight human trafficking in Asia, has run innovation programs for Unilever, Bayer and the Australian Government as well as facilitating cultural change programs for tech giants across multiple continents.

Ultimately, she helps leaders, teams and organisations to make positive change and make change positive through:

  • Innovation : Creativity & Problem Solving

  • Collaboration : Teamwork & Team Dynamics

  • Inspiration : Engagement & Presentation Mastery

  • Transformation : Leadership & Change


Innovation : Creativity & Problem Solving

Change how you think and generate better solutions to increasingly complicated problems

The World Economic Forum, EY and IBM have all identified Creative Problem Solving as the critical leadership skill for the 21st Century. And yet, most still view creativity as a talent you are either born with, or not, rather than as a discipline or mindset and a suite of skills that can be learned, nurtured and developed. 

As a result, few have developed the techniques and tools required to generate innovative solutions to increasingly complicated problems.

In this incredibly liberating & exciting presentation, Kieran will help you and your team unlock your genius, expand your cognitive bandwidth and “out-think” your limits (and your competition).

In this presentation you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your default thinking style, and it’s limitations

  • Gain insights by learning to think in questions, not statements

  • Explore a system for thinking differently… deliberately and consistently!

  • Add a repertoir of tools that stretch your thinking and generate value-based innovations

  • Develop a process for driving a culture of entrepreneurship


Collaboration : Teamwork & Team Dynamics

Change how you work and drive high-performance teamwork

Reasearch out of MIT has confirmed what we have always suspected was true, teams of diverse people, working collaboratively, have a higher collective IQ and are better at solving problems and navigating crises.

In this highly practical and commercially savvy presentation, Kieran will provide you with tools and strategies to turn your team into enthusiasts, raise your Collaborative Intelligence (We-Q) and build teams that buy in to your vision and mission.

 In this presentation you’ll learn how to:

  • Build stronger connections within your team

  • Understand the science of team dynamics & how to connect with everyone in the room

  • Create a greater appreciation for the different members and working patterns of your team

  • Explore how to generate ownership through a process of co-creation

  • Gain an insight into the missing pieces in your own performance and how collaboration can “fill the gaps”


Inspiration : Engagement & Presentation Mastery

Change how you engage and build trust, loyalty and buy in

As our teams expectations increase, so too must our ability to generate buy in around change and our vision for the future.

Creating engagement is ultimately a combination of presentation skills, values alignment and a willingness to invest in our own emotional intelligence. This requires …

In this highly practical and commercially savvy presentation, Kieran will provide you with tools and strategies to help your transform your team into enthusiasts and build teams that buy in to your vision and mission.

 In this presentation you’ll learn how to:

  • Learn what sits behind engagement and the values others filter their world through

  • Increase the persuasiveness of your internal and external communications and presentation style

  • Become confident in story telling as a tool of influence

  • Discover “your voice” and why authenticity translates to trust

  • Understand why speaking and engagement are in fact a function of critical and creative thinking


Transformation : Leadership & Change

Change how you do change and create certainty and confidence

What if competition filled us with a sense of excitement? What if we could feel more in control, even in the midst of disruption? What if our default response to change was positive?

In this inspiring and often thought-provoking presentation & workshop, Kieran will help you and your team answer these questions through the lens of The Three Spheres of Change™: 

  1. What is changing

  2. What is unchanging

  3. What needs changing

She’ll help you shift your mindset from Change Negative to Change Positive and help your team develop critical Forever Skills, leaving them (and you) feeling more energised, more resilient and more optimistic.

 In this presentation you’ll explore how to:

  • Navigate the Three Spheres of Change™ and how your organisation is performing in all three

  • Discover the Forever Skills that help future proof your capabilities

  • Develop mental agility using the "6 R's of Resilience”

  • Learn where to best invest your strategy and future training

  • Gain tools and a framework for embracing the opportunities in change

Delegates were literally buzzing through the hours of workshops that followed and we were able to achieve the directions we required to take us forward.
I learned a huge amount and the team feedback has been incredibly positive.
Kieran’s presentation was a breath of fresh air. She is a ball of energy, totally engaging, brilliant use of humour, super visuals and great delivery, but above all she was totally on message with great content. They loved her.
Kieran Flanagan’s presentation was so inspiring - thank you.
In 12 years of running SWB, Kieran is the first speaker to receive a 100% approval rating from all delegates!

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