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Conference Speaking 

Kieran Flanagan is a speaker, author & thought leader who helps leaders and teams make positive change & make change positive through:

  • Transformational Leadership

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Critical Thinking

Rated in “the top 25 C-Suite Speakers to watch,” by Meetings & Conventions USA, and drawing comparisons to “Edward De Bono" and “Melissa McCarthy," Kieran helps you laugh while you learn to unlock your genius, lead the change you wish to see in the world and discover how to “think different”.

She has worked with professional services firms - training their future leaders, with the UN in Singapore - developing strategies to fight human trafficking in Asia, has run innovation programs for Unilever, Bayer and the NSW and Australian Governments as well as facilitating cultural change programs for tech giants across multiple continents.

Kieran has been an expert commentator on ABC’s 702 Breakfast Show with Wendy Harmer as well as Channel 7’s Sunrise, Sky Business News and SBS News and helps her audiences to make positive change and make change positive.


Forever Skills

How to future proof yourself, your team and your kids


What skills will matter most for work, business and success in the future?

Where should you focus your energy, effort and training when the world is changing at an extraordinary rate?

How can you future proof yourself, your organisation and your kids?

In this ground-breaking book and keynote presentation, Kieran Flanagan reveals the Forever Skills that will always be critical to success in business and in life.

Where most futurists and economists increase your sense of panic and anxiety with dystopian images of the not-too-distant future characterised by Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking your job, algorithms hacking your most private moments and Austrian-accented cyborgs raising your children, Kieran reminds us that we need to look beyond the things changing around us and also focus on the things that won’t change within us.

These 12 Forever Skills are designed to set you up to handle whatever the future may throw at you as well as helping you get more success in your work and life, today!


This keynote is highly practical for leaders and organisations who are navigating a world of increasing change (and aren’t we all), and for managers, human resources teams and professionals who want to know where to focus their future training and what to look for in new team hires.


  • Broaden your understanding of the complete change landscape, including 1. What is Changing 2. What needs Changing and 3. What needs Changing

  • Learn the 3 skills categories that leaders from multiple industries, fields and continents have identified as evergreen and having a lasting impact on your professional development

  • Explore the 12 Forever Skills and learn tools and techniques to increase your competence and confidence in each of them

  • Create a greater sense of certainty within your team in an atmosphere of change by learning how to anchor change in what will remain and what is familiar



How to solve complex problems & create more innovative solutions


Performance and relevance is no longer just a function of our knowledge or current understanding. Nor are they necessarily linked to our capability or proficiency within existing processes. Tomorrow’s competitive advantage is, in fact, all in your mind.

The metric for high performance is now mental agility and the ability to change the way we think. This requires an ability to think, un-think, re-think and most critically out-think! Brain training may have increased our processor speed, but now we also need to update our cognitive software.

In this exciting and thought provoking presentation, Kieran Flanagan will explore how we drive more creative problem solving, success by design and advance innovation on purpose - deliberately, consistently and congruently. 

Full of tips, tools and new ways to approach and solve problems, Out-Think might be thought of as “Luminosity for the business brain” as Kieran reminds us all that, “If we think the same as we always have we’ll get the same ideas we’ve always gotten.”


This keynote is incredibly useful for leaders who need to design strategies to out-think the competition, sales people looking to be more agile on their feet and product teams wanting to augment their design-thinking tool kit and facilitate greater innovation. It is also great for businesses and professionals needing an injection of inspiration and creative problem solving skills.


  • Increase your ability to change the game by changing your frame of reference

  • Gain skills that encourage a culture of creative & critical thinking - driving innovation and more strategic solutions

  • Develop a mindset that helps individuals think on their feet and be more proactive and solution-focused

  • Learn tools that help individuals bring better ideas to the table and use better judgement in assessing them for relevance and salience


Unlock your Genius

How to tap the unique intelligence in you and your team


All of us possess a unique intelligence and mental framework that we rely on, particularly under pressure. However, each of these frames comes with inherent unconscious biases and limitations in terms of how broadly (or narrowly) we might see the world, and opportunity.

In this exciting and liberating presentation, Kieran Flanagan will help you unpack your personal genius, identify your Default Thinking Frames™ (including their limitations), whilst building an appreciation for the unique intelligence that lies in the other members of your team.

This understanding is critical if we want to raise our Collaborative Intelligence (our We-Q) because it allows us to see the individual capabilities and blind spots within our team and to then not only seek diversity as a corporate social responsibility “box-ticking” exercise, but rather, encourage real diversity of thinking and points of view. This “cognitive diversity” has been shown to significantly help teams be better prepared to solve increasingly complex and interconnected problems and to survive in times of crisis and change. In other words, by understanding the individual genius that lies within ourselves and the members of our team, we also increase our team genius.


This keynote has been absolutely transformative for leaders and teams needing to work more collaboratively, under high pressure and where cultural or personal misunderstandings can undermine performance and culture. It’s perfect for individuals trying to lift their game and identify their personal genius, and even better for teams who want to access their complete collective intelligence.


  • Identify your Default Thinking Frames™ and those of the members of your team

  • Spot “cognitive gaps” in team structure and learn how to plug those gaps with new hiring filters and mental bridging tools & techniques

  • Increase collaboration, decrease political conflict and elevate appreciation within the team for what others bring to the table

  • Amplify your personal genius whilst being more conscious and capable around its associated biases and blind spots


Transformational Leadership

How to make positive change & make change positive


It’s been said that if you’re not leading change, you’re simply managing the status quo. It’s a pithy aphorism and it might well be true, but it doesn’t make leading change any easier or help your team meet impending change with courage and confidence.

In this inspiring presentation, Kieran Flanagan will explain why transformation and innovation are not just about change or new product and service design, but are in fact about category leadership. She’ll reveal why leaders and organisations need to think of themselves as thought leaders who advance their fields and move their categories forward finding a competitive advantage in their intellectual property and the contribution they make to their customers and communities.

Transformational leadership requires an ability to innovate, collaborate, to inspire by words and example, but most critically, it demands the capacity to make positive change by making the change itself a positive experience.


This keynote is transformational (well, it should be), not just in terms of how it shifts the mindset and perceived responsibilities of your leaders and emerging leaders, but also for how it can galvanise teams and entire organisations around a shared sense of purpose and contribution.


  • Identify your organisational thought leadership - the change and contribution you and your organisation and team will make within your field

  • Understand how Transformational Leadership makes you a beacon for attracting and retaining top talent as well as customer and client loyalty and evangelism

  • Learn how to use behaviour design to make positive change a positive experience

  • Change your metrics for successful transformation and innovation to include externalities including how you move your industry forward

Delegates were literally buzzing through the hours of workshops that followed and we were able to achieve the directions we required to take us forward.
I learned a huge amount and the team feedback has been incredibly positive.
Kieran’s presentation was a breath of fresh air. She is a ball of energy, totally engaging, brilliant use of humour, super visuals and great delivery, but above all she was totally on message with great content. They loved her.
Kieran Flanagan’s presentation was so inspiring - thank you.
In 12 years of running SWB, Kieran is the first speaker to receive a 100% approval rating from all delegates!

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