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The new rules of engagement

Great ideas and innovations often die on the vine and change programs regularly to break down, not because of a lack of efficacy or utility, but for a lack of connection and impact. What’s more, traditional models of influence and hierarchical authority are coming to be seen as relics of 20th Century leadership as they can be perceived as something we either do to people or else something we exert over them. And that is no longer a game our customers, partners and team members are willing to play. 

By contrast, engagement requires a capacity create buy-in, to build cultures of the willing, of the voluntary and the enthusiastic and to establish trust! In a world of increasing competition for both customers and talent, that is a critical mindset shift that organisations, brands, and leaders (or aspiring leaders) need to make. In other words, to be influential, you must first be able to engage.

Kieran Flanagan helps leaders and teams up-skill their engagement and develop a suite of tools and capabilities that radically improve leadership communications, stakeholder buy-in and customer loyalty and evangelism. She helps the people she works with to become the kinds of leaders that people want to follow and to build the kinds of organisations and brands that people actively choose to be associated with.

Rated in “the top 25 C-Suite Speakers to watch” by Meetings & Conventions USA and drawing comparisons to "Melissa McCarthy", she brings light and laughter to leadership whether she's: 

• Working with professional services firms - training their future leaders

• Leading the strategic and creative team behind the most successful new product launch in Australian history 

• Or engineereing Coca-Cola’s most extraordinary brand turn around. 

Kieran Flanagan has worked with the UN in Singapore - developing strategies to fight human trafficking in Asia, has run innovation programs for Unilever, Bayer and the NSW and Australian Government Departments as well as facilitating cultural change programs for tech giants across multiple continents.

Ultimately, she teaches leaders, change agents and organisations how to win hearts and minds.

Conference Speaking

Kieran has captivated audiences around the world with her extraordinary capacity to combine business acumen with incisive humour and a deep sense of empathy for her audience. 

Her audiences regularly tweet their enthusiasm for her electric presentations with clients feeding back reviews such as, “In the 12 years of running our conference, Kieran Flanagan is the first speaker to receive a 100% approval rating from all delegates!"

She speaks on how to create engagement:

  • Within your team

  • With your customers and clients

  • Around change and your ideas


Kieran was formerly the director of Australia's premier school for Creativity, AWARD, and has spoken and lectured at Sydney University and the Miami Adschool. She works as a leadership trainer for corporate clients around the world and has an irrepressible passion for developing the talent within a team and unlocking the genius within its individuals.

Kieran delivers workshops and develops capabilities in leadership, communication and engagement, including:

  • Presentation Mastery

  • Personality & Team Dynamics

  • Purpose & Personal Branding

  • Positive Change & Change Positive

  • Persuasive Communication

Leadership Programs

Kieran works with leadership teams in professional services firms & the financial industry, with global tech giants and even pharmaceutical firms. She helps boards, executive teams and senior leaders identify their rising talent and helps ensure they live up to their potential.

She delivers leadership development programs in collaboration with her business partner, Dan Gregory, as well as with fellow faculty members of Thought Leaders Business School including Janine Garner & Gabrielle Dolan.

The Impossible Institute

Kieran Flanagan & Dan Gregory are the co-founders of The Impossible Institute™ - a strategic think-tank that was created to make positive change and make change positive. 

We help leaders, teams and organisations develop the capabilities and tools to produce strategic insights, build engagement and lead positive change. We facilitate solutions to a huge range of complicated (and often political) problems including:

   •  Social Change Strategies for The United Nations in Singapore & White Ribbon Australia

   •  Guided Innovation off-sites for The Australian Public Service & Pharmaceutical Industries in the UK

   •  Business Model workshops for Entrepreneurs in the USA, Asia & Australia

   •  Process Design Sessions for Retailers in Asia & Australia

   •  Education & Engagement Programs for Global Banking Corporations

   •  Leadership Development for Multinational Technology giants

   •  Business Strategy & Leadership Mentoring for Professional Service firms

An extraordinary ability to solve highly complicated and political problems.
Kieran facilitated a highly engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking workshop around entrepreneurship, risk-taking and decision making within a highly regulated environment.
Kieran’s opening keynote established the spirit of the conferece from the outset. Embracing the theme in an engaging, relevant and lively presentation. She was the perfect choice.

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